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Links of Hope Network is part of the Underground Network, a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.

In 2008 we began our mission with a commitment to equip rural, marginalized women with free jewelry making training, tools, and raw materials.  Since then, we have expanded our training to include other handcrafted goods and we have broadened our reach by working closely with male and female Deaf students in Honduras and supporting Deaf artisans in Kenya. 

We aim to provide practical skills that  help economically disadvantaged artisans and Deaf students earn a sustainable income with dignity and respect.

Links of Hope Network combines two great passions: the passion to design beautiful jewelry and the desire to help women and Deaf students and artisans in developing countries.  Setting out to join a movement of non-profit organizations shifting from traditional models of aid and charity, Links of Hope Network is a new non-tradtional “philanthrocapitalist” approach that uses business thinking and fashion trends to inspire change and positively impact the lives of those we serve. 

We celebrate that every man, woman and child has infinite value and it is our desire with Links of Hope to communicate love, respect and dignity to each artisan we work with.

Rather, than give a temporary handout, it is our goal to teach the artisans we train a marketable cottage industry, in order for them to provide for their own families with sustainability.  With continual relationship and dialog, it is our commitment that artisans earn fair wages, and we are proud that no matter how remote, our artisans can work from home and care for their families first and foremost.  

Sustainable income and sustaining relationships are both keys to the success of our work.   It is our desire to share God’s love with our artisans and to open doors of opportunities to these creative and talented individuals, empowering them with a marketable jewelry making trade that will sustain them for years to come.  With ongoing training and support, we are establishing binding relationships.  And with your purchases, we are linking you, the consumer, directly with hard-working artisans and their hope for a better future.

We are committed to using fairly traded materials of the finest quality.  From clasps to beads, all of our raw materials are purchased at fair market value out of a great respect for the individuals who crafted them.  We travel the world, in search of new raw materials, designs and artists in order to keep our jewelry fresh and unique. 

When you purchase a product from Links of Hope Network, you are not only purchasing hand crafted, limited edition pieces, but you are relieving the burden of poverty and ensuring that our artisans live another day with hope.

Join us as we positively change the lives of women and Deaf students, one bead at a time.

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Empowering Marginalized Artisans, 

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